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boiler choice time

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Based on heat loss calculations for my 3000 sq ft home of 138,000 btu, I have had two heating contractors recommend: the BurnhamMPO147 with an outdoor reset with an Alliance SL 35 gallon indirect water tank, and the Buderus G215/3 with the logomatic and the buderus S120 32 gallon indirect hot water tank . Each contractor is comfortable with the installation and is highly recommended. This is one tough choice! I see the specs compare at Burnham: burner capacity 1.05gph,DOE heating capacity 129 MBH , IBR water rating 112, AFUE 87% , water capacity 11.08 gallons. The Buderus: burner capacity 1.1gph, DOE heating capacity 134MBH, IBR water rating 117, AFUE 86.3%, water content 12.9 gallons. Can anyone comment on these choices?
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Those boiler sizes seem grossly over sized, the Buderus Logano G115/3
probably fits about 85% of the single family residences on Long Island. The climate here on the island is really not very severe in the winter. I put a Buderus Logano G125BE/21 (73,000btu's) with just a Honeywell cold start aquastat in my brothers 2500 sq ft home in Oakdale just about a year ago, he estimates about a 50% savings.