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choosing the right boiler

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I am currently in the process of switching to natural gas from oil. different people have different opinions about efficiency rates and savings. I have a 1650 sq ft home on Long Island. 2 heating zones. Which boiler is good for this? 80% efficiency? 82? 85? 90?
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Great question! It depends on the reason you're converting. If it's to reduce heating costs,I'd recommend a 95% boiler,gas is cheaper than oil right now by about 35% but it wasn't always and may not alwys be in the future,with a 95% boiler you"future proof" yourself,no matter what happens to fuel prices,you have the most efficient system available.

If the reason for conversion is to just be off oil and operating costs aren't the number one concern,I'd go with an 85% boiler,not much more money than an 82% and Energy Star rated and eligible for rebates.

80% boilers will no longer be produced after 9/1/2012 due to DOE regualtions,doesn't make a lot of sense to buy something that will be obsolete in a few months. 90% boilers cost the same as 95%,so again,they don't make much sense.


Most people converting from oil to gas with a 85% unit see a 50% savings in heatings costs and a 75% savings with a 95% unit. Fuel cost differences account for 35% and the balance is the increased effciency of the boilers