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Could a new burner be installed on an older boiler?

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Can I install a new Reillo High Efficiency 40 Series F10 burner on a Burnham Model V15A-M Boiler? Boiler was installed in 1984
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Older boilers and furnaces can be upgraded with current industry standard oil burners.  These new upgraded oil burners can add efficiency and reliability to your current heating system.

My son in law in Franklin Square just had a steam boiler replaced with a newer model steam oil fired boiler - also, take-off for hot water. He has natural gas in his house for cooking so laying a line should not cost. Would it pay him to have the unit converted to gas? Even if not, might he install a gas water heater so the oil device could be shut down all summer long? Certainly there has to be some ongoing stack loss.
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Sure,any newer oil boiler can be converted with a power gas burner. Natural gas is 35% cheaper than oil right now,so the savings is very substantial. Be happy to take a look at it!