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Which brand of oil boiler

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I need to replace a 25 year old steel boiler in my 4500 sq ft, 5 zone baseboard house. I have a relatively new water heater and I was thinking of keeping it for now unless the energy saving warranted a change. Which one gets your best overall recommendation for efficiency, cost of installation and reliability. Space is not a problem.
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If the water heater is direct fired(has it's own burner) you may be better off with a new indirect water heater. If you already have an indirect in good condition,no reason to change it. Indirect water heaters have much lower standby loss and are more efficient when coupled with ahigh efficency boiler. I'm assuming you have oil? If so, a triple pass cast iron boiler with a reset control will provide 30-40% reduction in fuel consumption. Buderus,Biasi and Viessmann would be the recommendations. Be happy to take a look at it and offer some suggestions if you'd like!