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Technical Heating Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an average installation take?

The average installation will be completed in one day. More complex installations, such as solar syatems, will take more than one day.

What type of savings can I expect?

It will depend on the efficiency of the existing system and what it is being replaced with. The less efficient the old system is and the more efficient the new system is will create greater savings. Changing to a less expensive fuel will also bring some savings to the table. Generally from 30 % for a new oil system, up to 75% or more when converting an older oil system to a 95% natural gas system.

Why should I install a solar system?

Greatly reduced cost for domestic hot water production. Tax credits also reduce the cost of installation tremendously. Make a statement to others about your position on being "green".

Why should I hire Technical Heating?

Because we are passionate and knowledgeable about what we do, providing systems that work as good as they look!

Why should I hire an independent vs. an oil company or utility?

Technical Heating has no stake in how much fuel you consume. The way we look at it, the less fuel you use the better! Your fuel savings is a testament of our passion and knowledge toward our work.

Why should I upgrade my heating system?

Because it's probably old, inefficient and unreliable. A new system from Technical Heating will be more energy efficient than the old one. We strive to use the latest technology, which has proven to be more energy efficient and will provide safe and economical heat and hot water for your home and family.

Why don't I have enough hot water?

That will depend on the type and age of equipment you're using to produce domestic hot water. An inspection by Technical Heating can easily determine solutions to your hot water issues.

I want to save money and have a more reliable heating system, what next?

Call Technical Heating for a free no obligation energy assessment and project price quotation at (631) 473-1597.

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